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I just heard about MyFi today on one of my many finance-nerd blogs, and I immediately fell in love with their mission. It’s the best list of financial goals I’ve seen all in one place, and it bears evaluating by everyone. By which I mean me.

1. I understand what I have and why I have it.
Absolutely. I’m all over the constant monitoring and progress-tracking, and I have a written financial plan and goals list. My goals are to be able to live just as well after retirement, to have zero debt, and to have plenty of money to travel and someday live in the tropics. Just as importantly, I understand why I don’t have a lot of things, like a house and a million expensive toys. I don’t feel the lack of them, I feel free of them.

2. I’m taking care of tomorrow and I’m financially content today.
I’m saving 10% of my income for retirement now, but I’d like that to be more. Work will match up to 12% in my 401(k), and I want to start a Roth IRA as well. I have more important short-term goals before I can take care of that, though. As far as being financially content today: yep. Totally.

3. I know my family will be OK if something happens to me.
I don’t think I really need to worry much about this, since I don’t have kids or any shared debts. My life insurance will cover whatever’s necessary, including a giant party where everyone is obligated to be as awesome as they possibly can, in my memory. Haha.

4. I’m getting savvy advice, not relentless sales pitches.
I don’t have an advisor other than the guy who manages my 401(k) through work, and he understands my goals and risk tolerance. I do a ridiculous amount of research on my own, and I think I do a pretty good job.

5. I won’t get knocked off course by healthcare costs.
This is something I could definitely improve, because I’d be screwed if I lost my insurance and had long-term medical problems. I have to do more research on disability insurance. I know very little about it.

6. I have my debts under control.
Yep! I want my only debt to be my car loan. I’m ok with that obligation.

7. I could survive 6 months without a paycheck.
Well… I could, but not unscathed. I don’t have the cash to last me six months, however, so I’d end up in debt if I actually went that long without a job. I’m glad to have excellent credit, and work in a field where my skills are in demand and I don’t have to worry about salary, so I guess I’m partially banking on that for now. My biggest goal, though, is to actually have 6 months of expenses sitting in a money market, so my goal is $20,000. Jesus, that’s a lot of cash to have to save up. I’m working on it.

8. I can sit quietly amid the market’s turmoil.
Oh yes. I don’t worry that my investments are way down; that just means it’s a great time to buy. Consider it a stock sale.

9. I’m devoting my money to the things that matter most to me.
Yeah, I’m very good at this. I prefer to only own exactly the things I need, and which make me happy. I’d far rather pay for experiences. So my money goes to keeping me secure for the rest of my life, and getting to do things like travel and spend time with my friends.

10. Money is enhancing my life, rather than getting in the way.
I remember a time when I wanted to cry every time a bill arrived in the mail. Money was the most stressful thing in my life, and it had an effect on absolutely everything. Now I enjoy taking care of my finances, and I’m proud of the fact that I’m doing well, and know what I need to do to be very successful. I don’t ever want to feel that way again.

On that note, I have to go email my work-investment guy and find out why the hell there’s so much money sitting in a cash account right now. BUY, PLEASE.

Poker night tonight! I have a new funny hat, and therefore I can’t lose.


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