The Ozarks may be lovely in July.

So, Duluth was as great as expected. The weather was perfect the whole time (sunny when we wanted to sit outside, overcast when we didn’t need any more sunburn), and we walked everywhere except Wisconsin (the Anchor Bar, obviously). Staying at Fitgers was the right choice, and it was only a 15-minute stroll along the lakewalk from there to Josh and Jumi’s hotel in Canal Park.

All Pints North was fantastic as well, and I’m hoping we can make it again next year. I did a pretty good job of marking down everything I sampled in my booklet, and since checking them into Untappd seems like a lot of work, I’m just going to put the list here at the bottom. (I like having something to refer back to.) My favorite beer, hands down, was the Olvalde Juniper Porter. It’s the only one I went back for more of… three times, in fact.

Last week we bottled our Dubbel, took third at pub quiz league, played minigolf at Como Town (the course was better than most, even without any giant dinosaurs), celebrated Hunter S Thompson’s birthday with the Flying Dog folks at the Happy Gnome, and then on Friday headed to Watertown to visit the in-laws. We spent a lot of time hanging out and organizing Matt’s old toys in the basement, because of course they’ve saved every single one of them.

On Saturday, we took our kayaks to Lake Kampeska to paddle from the park to the lakeside bar called the Prop. (It’s like every lakeside bar here, only it also has gambling machines. And a shockingly great beer selection for South Dakota!) We had the absolute perfect weather for it, and the lake wasn’t very crowded because the city’s main boat launch was closed for an event.

Our kayaks on the beach by the Prop

This week is dedicated to minigolf construction, since our third annual work minigolf tournament is this Friday. Stakes are high, as I’ve won trophies for the last two years, and we are an office full of unhealthily competitive people. It’s a combination party with a coworker’s post-wedding shower, so that’s this year’s theme. Matt and I are working with “Reception/Music/Dance”, and I feel like we have that pretty well covered. Our first round of construction last night went remarkably well, and we have some pretty good ideas for it this year.

In addition to minigolf, post-party, and the usual hotel stay, this weekend is Wendy’s bachelor”ish” party. I’m not laying out the details here, though, because what happens in Branson stays in Branson.


The Great Beer List of July 2013:

612 Brew Mary Ann +

American Sky Eagles Landing –

Schell Goosetown +

Bad Weather Ominous +

Badger Hill Foundation Stout ?

Bell’s La Contrebassiste +++!

Bent Paddle Cold Press Black +

Big Wood Morning Wood ?

Blacklist Imperial Wit with Kaffir Lime +

Borealis Raisin Liason Saison + and White Throated Wit +

Brau Brothers White Cap Crystal Wit + and Ivan the Great ++

Castle Danger Gale Force Wheat –

Dangerous Man Triple – and Coconut Milk Stout +

Dubrue Pub Ale –

Excelsior Spruce Beer (Cask) – (this was soooo bizarre.)

Flat Earth Ovni Ale –

Grand Teton Oud Bruin +

Hammerheart Thor’s Porter +

Indeed L.S.D. +

Jack Pine Duck Pond –

Lake Superior North Shore Wheat +

Leech Lake Batch 10-56 Witless IPA ? and Driven Snow Robust Porter +

Lucid Dyno – and Silo +++!

Mankato Center Street #3 –

Northbound Smokehouse Porter +

Northgate Wall’s End –

Olvalde Bourbon Barrel Aged Juniper Porter (Cask) ++++!

Pour Decisions Actress and the Bishop +

Rush River Uber Alt ++

Southern Tier Compass ?

Steel Toe Sommer Vice ?

Surly Cacao Bender +

Tallgrass Wild Plum Farmhouse +

Third Street Lost Trout +

Tonka Big Island Shandy ?

Vine Park Hefeweizen + and Cherry Stout +

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