Bad at Typing.

I think about writing here practically every day (well, except weekends… I only think about being awesome on weekends), and then every day I’m stupidly busy during the hours I’m in front of a computer and the last thing I want to do in my leisure hours is more typing. Not that I’m complaining about the stuff that keeps me busy, because I love the incredible sense of accomplishment every day.

So. Now it’s time for some very brief notes, picking up from where I left off almost a month ago.

Wendy and Amelia’s shower went really well. The weather was excellent, the event was laid-back, and I was pretty excited to bring this cake, since it came very close to being a failure!

I'm pretty proud of myself right now.

Also, we’ve been to:

  • Two Twins games (Both losses? Probably. One involved really excellent fireworks, though.)
  • Pride
  • Dillinger 4 at Triple Rock
  • Social Distortion outside on the Cabooze patio
  • Bowling at the Nook
  • A couple happy hours
  • Races at Canterbury
  • Kayaking and picnicking
  • A roadtrip that involved:
  1. A train ride across the Minnesota/Wisconsin border
  2. A visit to Lift Bridge Brewery
  3. An evening in Red Wing (with awesome pizza from Red Wing Brewery)
  4. A night at Treasure Island (with minimal blackjack losses)
  5. Wandering around on a bluff
  6. Lunch at the most awesome Jamaican bar that just happens to be in Wisconsin
  7. All in all, seven border crossings.

How’s that for succinct?

Two more things: I wrote this review of the Capital One Venture Card, since I like giving travel advice. (A lot.) Also, we’re going to Duluth this weekend for All Pints North, and staying at Fitgers! We leave tomorrow morning, so I”m going to go pack.

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