Forever Winter 2

So it’s winter again, apparently, and there’s no end in sight. (The end I have in sight is going to somewhere it’s spring in 10 days.) At least the sun is making a showing for a little while today, before the snow returns tomorrow. My new perennials have already arrived, which means I now have a pile of dormant rhizomes hanging out in my crisper drawer, waiting for much warmer times.

On Friday night, we got to experience one of the pure joys of Minnesota winter: going to a Twins game. We made it two innings, which had less to do with the snow and more to do with the 8-run deficit, capped off by a Mets grand slam. Joe and Missy headed home, and Matt and I went to see Davina and the Vagabonds at Crooked Pint instead. The most surprising part of the game, though, was that we made $20 scalping our work season tickets that nobody claimed. Who doesn’t want to go watch a terrible team play in the freezing cold? Oh right, nobody.

Sunday, we went to play trivia with a group at the Lyndale Taphouse. I’d forgotten that they have pretty good trivia there; it’s super-easy (we won a $40 gift card), we were done by 9pm, and they have great food and beer. We’ll be doing that again soon! (Just not this next weekend, as we’re committed to the WORLD’S LARGEST TRIVIA CONTEST.)

Yesterday, horrible things happened in Boston and I wanted to not think about anything for a while, so I read a lot of Hemingway at the gym and then went home to test our beer. It told me it was ready to move to the secondary fermenter, so we sanitized all the equipment again (what I’ve read about beer-brewing is that it’s 90% cleaning, so I guess that adds to the appeal for me) and racked it into the smaller fermenter. Then I learned that the carboy cleaner that attaches to your laundry tub is one of the greatest inventions ever. Seriously.

Our beer is supposed to hang out in there for 1-2 weeks, followed a week of bottle conditioning. (I’m going to resist starting another batch already since the primary fermenter is empty again, mostly because we need many more bottles first.) It should be ready to bottle when we get home from DC. Exciting!

Speaking of that trip, Matt and I scheduled our Global Entry interviews one after the other next week at the airport. Once we produce our documents and get photographed and fingerprinted, we’ll get temporary cards that we can use right away. DOUBLY EXCITING! I want to go on an international trip just so I can get back into the country using only my passport and thumbprint.

I also cancelled my Linux hosting with GoDaddy yesterday and moved everything over to a new host (thanks to Dan for the recommendation). Everything is so much faster, I can’t believe it. Now let’s see if the DNS update breaks 404lab or not.

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  1. Reply OrsiNo Gravatar Apr 16, 2013 12:04 pm

    You do NOT need bottles. Talk to someone who has many many empty conveniently sized 5 gallon kegs.

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