Apparently it’s been two weeks since I last posted here. You know what that means? BULLETS! (Confession: I’ve loved bullets since about 1996 when you could download matching li and hr themes for your website. Really.)

– I went back for a recheck on my oral surgery, and everything is going well. The second surgery is scheduled for October, when they’ll insert another large screw into my jaw. That means I won’t have teeth back until next year, so I can take advantage of insurance. I’ve been missing the one for so long I guess I don’t really care about being a hillbilly for another 6 months.

– We started minigolf league, and I love it already. Not just because our team is second in the standings and I’m second amongst the women, but that helps. (It also helps having Wendy on our team. Dude, why are you good at bowling and minigolf??)

– Our work minigolf party was as awesome as expected. Our Canada-themed golf hole won for playability, which means I have a 100% minigolf win streak going. Yeah, I know it’s only been two years.


– After our office awards ceremony, we all piled on a gigantic tour bus and drove to Lake Minnetonka for a dinner cruise. The weather was perfect, and then we all came back for the afterparty in the penthouse at the Westin. (Cue ‘Big Pimpin’.) My photos from the event are here!

– Saturday was Sarah’s bachelorette party. It had a murder-mystery dinner, which is really not my kind of thing, but it ended up being really fun. (Also, Meg is great at stuff like that.) There were a bunch of great people there, and I can’t wait for the wedding (which is tomorrow at Memory Lanes!). Afterward, Missy, Meg and I joined up with the husbands (Joe is already considered a husband, though that’s not official til December) at Grumpy’s, and then hung out at Chris and Meg’s for a bit before heading home around 3am.

– We finished watching the Star Wars trilogy that aired on Spike over the 4th of July. It’s the early-2000s version that was re-edited with a bunch of additions. Every time I saw something new, my childhood cried out in pain. Also, I’m kind of disappointed I only remember half the character names… I had to Google ‘Salacious Crumb’, dammit.

– Our kayaks are officially licensed as of last night. As are we! I get a fancy (not really) boat-drivin’ license to carry around with me. If you guys are looking for a captain for your frigate, just let me know.

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