Fall travel

I got an email today that reminded me that we were in Bermuda only a year ago. That’s kind of incredible since, you know, we had a wedding and have gone on a mini-honeymoon and a giant honeymoon since then.

So we’ve booked trips to Chicago the last weekend in August, and San Francisco the first weekend in November, but it’s looking like Vegas isn’t going to happen in September. We were going to accompany the in-laws, who were set on seeing Celine Dion at Caesar’s (I know). But Celine’s tour ends next month, so I think that’s not happening. We could probably go anyway, but we were just in Vegas five months ago. Life is hard.

I’ve been getting my gambling fix in fairly well lately, though. I played blackjack and craps on the cruise ship, got to hang out in the famous casino at Monte Carlo, and we played Pai Gow a couple weekends ago, where Matt won $100 on a royal flush. In two weekends, we’re leaving town early and heading down to Cindi and Adam’s wedding in Wabasha. A few of us are spending Friday night at Treasure Island, so I’m definitely looking forward to that. It’s been a while since we’ve played bingo, so it might be wise to brush up on http://www.foxybingo.com/ first.

Anybody up for Canterbury soon? It’s been too long!

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