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It’s two weeks and two days til vacation, which is less than the amount of time we’ll actually be on vacation, and that blows my mind a little bit. My list of things to do before the trip isn’t that extensive, but it does involve a lot of calls/emails to banks, printing tickets and directions, and urban garden planning. I got out the suitcases and started packing this weekend, which led me to realize how much I LOVE PACKING. It really speaks to my interest in efficiency and not having a bunch of extra crap, I guess.

Speaking of vacation, we just booked a trip almost two years away, because it was a really good deal and also means we’ll get to go back to Puerto Rico! Plus it means Matt will be spending his 35th birthday in the Caribbean, and you really can’t go wrong with that.

The last two weeks in sports: Well, the Gophers didn’t win the National Championship. While their exit was pretty painful, I’m still really proud of my team and am very happy with how this season went. (We’ve also made it a couple weeks without any players announcing they’re leaving early for the NHL, so let’s hope that continues.) Matt and I went to the Minnesota Stars opener at the Metrodome with Kris and Orsi and kids, and we attended our first Twins game of the season yesterday with Joe and Missy. (Review: brunch was good, it rained, and they lost. Better get used to that last part, I think.)

The last two weeks in work: I’m getting used to doing technical interviews, though I still don’t love them. Testing on my huge project is going well, and I’ve awarded myself a gold medal of awesomeness for the ridiculous performance improvements. My boss won an award last week, so a bunch of us went to the ceremony and she took us out for a drink afterward, where were learned that our summer party will involve office minigolf again. Matt and I already have a really good idea for a new minigolf hole, and it barely even involves duct tape.

The last two weeks in other news:  We had a really fun Easter with my family, and it was the first time in my life it’s been held at my parents’ house: up til now, we/they were always in Upper Michigan with my grandparents or great aunt and uncle. End of an era (and a generation), I guess. I met the oral surgeon who will be removing another of my teeth and then replacing them both with implants, and got a pre-insurance estimate of $8,000. (Supposedly it will be $5500-6000 out of pocket. Yay?) I’m starting that whole process at the end of June. Saturday we saw Deals Gone Bad at Triple Rock, and again wondered why that one bartender always buys us drinks, but regardless it’s awesome. We also picked up our compost bin and set it up in the yard, which meant that I spent at least an hour telling Matt all the things that we could put in there, because the list includes stuff like paper towels and HAIR.

Coming up on Friday is Trivia 43, the weekend-long radio contest based in Stevens Point. We may leave the house occasionally for a break, but mostly we’ll be nerding out with our laptops the whole time. Feel free to stop over any time and join us with the sleuthy googling… our team is really good, but we can always use more help!

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  1. Reply aprilNo Gravatar Apr 17, 2012 3:37 pm

    Man, I need to do this trivia thing. Too bad it’s too far. :(

    • Reply JenniNo Gravatar Apr 17, 2012 5:11 pm

      but you can! we participate remotely, and get the radio feed from the home team via skype. your time zone would be a huge help, too, since it’s overnight too.

      let me know if you want the info!

      • Reply aprilNo Gravatar Apr 19, 2012 1:49 pm

        I could do Friday night and Saturday after around midnight, but this weekend is very busy. :( I will put it on the calendar for next year though!

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