i’m a boat owner now.

Guys, I got my kayak!! Just look at it, being all seaworthy in my porch.

my new kayak!


We got it from Costco this weekend with the help of my parents and their minivan. It came in a gigantic 10′ box that provided no end of amusement to everyone else at Costco (including the employees). That was fine, though, because the cart guy took it out of the box for us and helped Matt load it into the car. Nice!

I need to get a life jacket before I use it, and of course Matt needs to pick one out for himself (or rent one at Lake Harriet… that works too). By Memorial Day we should hopefully have a kayak-transportation system in place so we can take them camping!

(Speaking of camping, we booked the riverside campground at William O’Brien State Park, and Wendy booked the campsite next to ours. Only the DNR somehow forgot to charge her, and therefore she doesn’t have the campsite. Of course it’s now fully booked since it’s Memorial Day, so we’re on our own. I even searched all the other nearby parks in the state, and they’re all booked that weekend. Nice work on the reservations system upgrade, Minnesota! Assholes.)

This weekend we did a bunch of work getting the yard ready for spring, which is still kind of shocking since it’s way earlier than previous years. I fertilized and put compost in the garden, tilled, and planted four kinds of lettuce, spinach, two kinds of beets, and carrots. We already have garlic, chives, mint, rhubarb and asparagus growing (this will be my first crop of asparagus, so I’m extra-excited about it). While I was doing that, Matt overseeded the bare spots in the yard, and the area that the utility company decided to dig up completely last fall. Then we put down more mulch in the back garden, and everything looks all fancy and weed-free for at least the next 12 hours.

Vacation prep is ramping up now that our flight to Paris is only a month away. I normally wouldn’t be obsessing about packing and such this early, but we’re gone for so long that it seems to require that degree of strategy. (Another important consideration is that EasyJet, which we’re flying to and from Rome, only allows 44-pound checked bags instead of the usual 50, and limits carry-ons.) It helps a lot that we can have a week’s worth of laundry washed on the cruise ship before we head back to Rome, so we only really need to pack for 10 days total. Today I confirmed our tour in Tunisia, and am anxiously awaiting news of a possible cabin upgrade on the ship. It’s apparently only about 75% full, and they’ve discounted the cheap cabins, which is a situation that’s highly ideal for upgrade opportunities.

I’ve been working on a gigantic project at work for the past several weeks, rewriting the process that synchronizes data between a local SQL Server instance and a remote Teradata database. It’s a project three years in the making, and it’s probably the biggest thing I’ve ever done. Last week, our release deadline, had me ready to jump out a window screaming, and my tester here started crying more than once. So yeah, it’s that kind of project. It’s also the kind of project where you get to apply pretty much every bit of expertise you have on a topic, and go through the gut-wrenching trials of “what if everything I ever knew was wrong?”

Anyway, it’s going into client testing fully this week, and as much as I’m stressed out about that, I am so beyond thrilled to get it out into the world. I know it’s a massive improvement over the old system, so I hope everyone else realizes that too. (If you ever want to be sure people know that, log the performance statistics and make them viewable by clients. That’s a surefire way to make sure you look like a superstar.)

Oh, and there’s also a certain hockey-related event this week, but we’re trying not to talk (or even think) about that right now. Eesh.

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