progress report on 101 things in 1001 days (january 2012)

Begin Date: July 4, 2010
End Date: April 1, 2013
Items Completed: 46
Items that will not be Completed: 2

I finished zero things in January 2012!

That’s ok, because I have a ton of them coming up in the first half of this year. I’ve been busy planning. Yeah.

Items currently in progress:

#22 Make at least $100k income in a calendar year (It’s happening this year.)

#51 Have date night with Matt once a month (We had dinner and went to a Timberwolves game.)

#73 Take another dance class with Matt (Class starts tomorrow! The dance studio is walking distance from our house, too.)

#75 Go though stuff that hasn’t been touched since we moved in and reevaluate whether we need it. Sell/donate. (We had an impromptu basement storage reorganizing project that resulted in massive piles of trash and stuff to donate. It’s a huge improvement. I’ve also organized the bathroom, and we did some work in the kitchen.)

#100 put $20 towards debt payoff for each completed task on this list, and $50 for each non-completed task ($1020 total)

Here’s the full list.

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