i barely noticed that i was sick, really.

Last week, we were so busy (and I was so busy worrying about how much we had to do) that I got a cold. I’m positive that happened just because I was stressed out. On the plus side, it’s almost gone already. I’m a fan of the fast-moving colds, if they must happen.

So, the main reasons for my stressing out:
1) Work party on Friday, for which we had to build the minigolf hole (our house looked like this for most of the week)
2) The 3-Day for the Cure on Friday through Sunday, for which we had to build part of our cheering setup.
3) Making sure our state fair submissions were in on time.

And of course everything went fine; it always does. Our work party started promptly at noon on Friday, though we didn’t get much done in the morning, either: we spent a couple hours helping each other haul in materials, then were distracted by the massive beer and liquor delivery from Haskells. Our guests started arriving at noon, and we had an hour to set up our obstacles. Matt and I made a Minneapolis-themed golf hole, with a spoon bridge and cherry made almost entirely from duct tape and cardboard; the actual hole was in the roof of a deflated Metrodome, which you got to via another ramp. There was a lake under the spoon bridge made from a blue shower curtain wrapped around a garden hose. (And of course we had fake grass, because we were able to get 24′ of it at Menards for really cheap.)

our minigolf hole

In total we spent only about half of our $100 budget, and were proud of the complete lack of actual construction skill compared to others. (That was a big part of my pitch to the team of judges, too. Some of my coworkers went crazy with the power tools and lumber.)

We then played two rounds of minigolf. One followed standard rules, and the second involved a deck of cards which allowed you to mess with your teammates’ games. The minigolf holes were almost all way better than we expected. People put a ton of thought and work into them. (My favorite was the ‘drunk Russian hole‘ – after my coworker Alex – that involved banking the ball off a set of nesting Matryoshka dolls, then shooting the ball into a toilet which would trigger a smoking skeleton with an empty bottle of Aristocrat to pee on it. Another was Steve’s Randy Moss-themed hole, which was in a dark room lit with only red rope lights and a strobe light, and played the one-clap rap on repeat.)

Here is my team, made up of a bunch of WINNERS. (Missy and Joe both won money for their low minigolf scores. Matt – dressed as Carl Spackler – and I won Best Design for having the most playable golf hole, which was $100 and this trophy that I will share with another coworker.)

my minigolf team (231/365)

We all cleaned up the office in record time and headed over to Target Field to see the Twins playing the Yankees. My boss had gotten us seats in the club level near the left-field foul pole, and everyone had $40 to spend on food and drinks. We did well… far better than the Twins did. Toward the end of the game once people started heading out (and some disappeared into the bar), Matt and I went over to Bradstreet to make good use of our minigolf winnings.

Saturday morning, we packed up the cooler with a million freezy-pops and drove to Roseville to meet up with Alyssa, Kenya, and Wendy at the Pink Carpet!

kenya and alyssa on the pink carpet! (232/365)

Wendy had the idea about a week before the 3-Day, when we were all wondering what the hell our theme for cheering was going to be. The concept was like an awards ceremony red carpet, where the walkers are the celebrities and we’re the paparazzi. Matt and I built the frame out of PVC, Wendy put together the backdrop, and Kenya and Alyssa provided the ‘velvet rope’ bras and the props that the walkers posed with. (Note: after three days of being worn by sweaty people, feather boas smell horrifying.) It was perfect for the 3-Day.

Over the course of the weekend, we took 1,300 photos on our own cameras (all of which are posted on Facebook for people to tag), and at least as many on walkers’ cameras. It was a huge success, and we loved being there to cheer everyone on. My favorite part of the event was yesterday afternoon when we set up outside Macy’s in downtown St Paul, just a half-mile from the end of the walk. Being able to congratulate people on their achievement (and being thanked by them for being there) was amazing. We had the greatest number of walkers to date, and they raised $5.3 million total!

Now that those things are over, it’s time to return to wedding project construction instead. I’m actually looking forward to it, since I haven’t really thought about it in a week. 27 days to go!

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