the rapture is awesome.

Four-day week! I’m extremely distracted by camping-related thoughts.

The last week in brief:

Tuesday, Matt and I went out for date night. We had an extremely excellent meal at Cafe Twenty Eight, then went to go play bocce and bowl at Pinstripes in Edina. Or so we thought; apparently all of Pinstripes had been reserved by corporate people (there was hardly anyone there, and the majority of the bocce courts were open, but what do we know?). Also, the girl behind the counter was quite rude, so that was the end of us considering patronizing Pinstripes again. We went to Lariat Lanes instead, and it was great, as always.

lariat lanes is awesome (137/365)

Thursday, Matt and I had dinner and beer on the patio at Stubs, then joined Dan, Kate, Joe, and Schaeppi at the Varsity to see Donald Glover. His rap set was pretty good, though it wasn’t really my preferred level of intensity. His stand-up was hilarious, though. Also, holy crap, the Varsity is fancy now! The bathrooms turned into a grotto with fainting couches.

Friday was the 2nd edition of Friday Night Meats 2011! Kristin and Andy hosted, and while the weather prevented us from being outside, we still had a great time. We got to meet Pete and Christa’s new baby and see Missy’s engagement ring, too!

missy's engagement ring!!

Saturday, we ran a bunch of errands and managed to fulfill all our shopping needs for household projects, my letterpress, the garden, camping supplies, and dinner. Around 5:30, we went for a walk and ended up at Cafe Maude, where I ordered a Corpse Reviver #2 just as the rapture was scheduled to happen. It was a bust, but our visit there was not. We came home and grilled jerk chicken and seitan, then went to Memory Lanes to meet Wendy and Amelia for bowling and Jack Brass Band.

jack brass just played bobby brown.

It was the longest three games we’ve ever played, but I would highly recommend having their music as a background at all times. So awesome.

On Sunday, we woke up to a storm, but figured we would make our way to Northeast and hope that it would subside. It did somewhat, but Art-A-Whirl attendance was pretty lacking because it was so crappy outside. We checked out Shuga Records to see if the shows were happening (that was questionable), wandered around a bit near 331 Club, then decided to walk up to Suzi’s for brunch. Suzi’s was hopping, and their brunch menu was great.

In exactly the same manner as our previous visit, my phone started popping up notices about nearby tornado warnings. It was raining out, but we had umbrellas with us. Right as we got back to the car, the sirens started going off. We decided to not risk it, and headed eastward to 35W rather than driving through it. I’m pretty glad we did, since the usual way on 94 was the area that was hit by the tornado. North Minneapolis is a mess right now.

Today I came home to find both my wedding necklace and our new strawberry plants waiting! I planted them in a new Earthbox, then we went to the gym to swim. For the first time since swimming laps there, I timed myself, which of course meant I then had to attempt to beat my previous time. And that’s why my shoulders hurt right now.

We also put together a bunch of our camping gear tonight. Nobody has ever been so excited to spend the weekend in Wisconsin. It feels like forever since we’ve camped. Only three more days of work!

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