it’s finally spring!

phlox (131/365)

Dear internet, I have some announcements to make.

Number one, we are taking a seaplane to the Dry Tortugas in September, and I cannot wait. (Just look at the photo on their site and you’ll know why.) Matt pointed out that we’ll have been there and atop Haleakala within less than a year! That’s amazing.

Number two, I’m officially a .NET editor for I was initially¬†interested because of the financial benefits, but I’ve actually learned a ton from the reporting I do. It makes me a lot more interested in upcoming technologies, too. (The day my boss told us she bought Visual Studio 2010 was way too exciting for me.) I’m taking another high-level SQL Server class, and will hopefully have the opportunity to do some Teradata training, too.

Number three, I’m really immensely distressed at certain costs involved in having a wedding. Yes, I’m fully aware that it’s our decision to have a pretty traditional reception (I WANT DANCING!) on a fall Saturday in the city. That’s automatically expensive. But allocating the money we’ve budgeted doesn’t bother me, because we planned for that. Anything over and above, especially when it’s way over, infuriates me. As you probably know, sound financial planning and responsibility is a really big deal to me, so I can’t help but be personally offended that a single-day event can cost more than my car. (Good thing my car is cheap, I guess.)

Number four, some things that occurred in the last week: we got caught in that big storm leaving the patio at Suzi’s. My car has a dent right in the middle of the roof from hail. (No, I’m not getting it fixed. The Deuce earned his battle scars.) We had the inaugural edition of Friday Night Meats at our house, and it was excellent. It’s also very organized this year, as we have a shared Google calendar for everyone to sign up for hosting. We went to see the Prizefighters and Deal’s Gone Bad on Saturday at Triple Rock, where I was also introduced to my new favorite band. I finished planting my garden, too!

Number five, it is now time for date night! See you later, brohemians.

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