LA (also) > MSP

It’s grey and rainy and entirely not beautiful in Minneapolis, so we are going to California today. This song has been in my head since I woke up this morning.

Since it’s seemingly impossible for us to not have complicated transportation in some way, Matt’s flying on Frontier via Denver this afternoon (he had a leftover voucher from a previously-cancelled work trip), and I’m flying out at 5:30 to meet him. Since I get in a couple hours ahead of him on Monday, I’m leaving my car in the ramp downtown and will just take the train back and forth. So if you see the Deuce sitting around when you go to a Twins game, please don’t steal it or my jacket. I’ll be mad.

His conference is tomorrow from 10-3, so I’m going to go hike in Griffith Park again. Hopefully it’ll be sunny, because the view is amazing:

LA from griffith park (2005)

The rest of the weekend will involve things like drinks on the beach, roadside tacos, Jamaican patties from a restaurant owned by a Fugee, tiki bars, the Venice Beach Boardwalk, and my favorite vegetarian restaurant. If we forget to come home, you’ll know why.

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