we’re very ready for the holidays!

It’s been a week since I’ve had time to post! You know what that means? A LIST.

1) Last Tuesday, Matt and I shopped and wrapped gifts for the Aliveness Project. We did really well this year!

aliveness project gifts
2) Thursday, we went to Stub’s for dinner and their Deschutes tapping, then to bowling leagues. My god, can my bowling possibly get any worse? It’s amazing. (I figured when my bowler ID card finally showed up, I’d improve. Wrong.) After that, we went to the Schooner to hang out with Willis for a while. You’ll be glad to know that the Schooner is just as awesome as always.

3) Friday I did a sales demo at work. That’s not intimidating at all. Also, it was exactly 9 months til our wedding!

4) Saturday, we did some Christmas-and-wedding-related errands at various museums in the morning, then went to a very late lunch/happy hour at the Lyndale Taphouse. After that I had to go home and work for a while (I put in 10 or so hours this weekend! fun!), and then we headed over to 501 Club after various unsuccessful attempts to get into anywhere Northeast for dinner.

I’m glad we got to 501 Club when we did, or we wouldn’t have had pretty great seats at the bar for the Cirque Rouge Christmas Burlesque Show. Oh my god, it was amazing. You’ll just have to believe me when I tell you there was a dancer who lit her tassels on fire and spun them around, because you totally missed out.

We went to Grumpy’s for dinner at something like 12:30am, and Matt bonded with a Chicago Bears fan over NOFX on the jukebox.

5) Sunday was the annual tradition known as Friends Thanksgiving. There was a bunch of food and a lot of punch, and we had a great time. Also, plans were made for the Noah’s Ark Burger II, and I’m officially both scared and impressed.

doran loves artillery punch

6) Yesterday, I caught up on a ton of things at home. I finished my Christmas knitting with 2 days to spare (we’ll celebrate with my family on Wednesday), baked some more cookies, and prepped these for Watertown:

pumpkin cinnamon rolls

I’ve done enough baking in the last week to make up for the lack of it over the past several months. I missed it!

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