list fetish.

You know what I love? Memiary. Here’s why:

Sat 8 Nov 2008
1. helped dan and kate move to northeast
2. cleaned up the pumpkin that our fat squirrel devoured
3. watched the gophers beat NH 6-3
4. saw the eagles of death metal at the fine line
5. had cocktails at king & i

Sun 9 Nov 2008
1. bought rugs for our house at IKEA
2. had matt’s edamame risotto for dinner
3. baked oatmeal-raisin cookies
4. cleaned like crazy (the upstairs looks great!)
5. watched the vikings beat the packers

Mon 10 Nov 2008
1. celebrated our 2nd anniversary!
2. had dinner at grumpy’s
3. played darts
4. went to see rocknrolla at block e
5. held tix for jamaica package

Tue 11 Nov 2008
1. booked trip to jamaica
2. had lunch at the ugly mug with matt
3. lifted with my arms, with no pain. PT is good.
4. unpacked the last box in the upstairs!
5. made pizzas and watched the world series of poker

Wed 12 Nov 2008
1. entered my past trips in
2. unpacked almost all of our basement
3. watched the new top chef
4. worked on my vegas travel journal
5. moved the networking stuff to the office

Thu 13 Nov 2008
1. started making xmas shopping plans
2. worked on more travel journal stuff
3. lifted for the 2nd time with no pain
4. started matt’s scarf
5. bowled 156, 143, 158. usually i’m under 100.

Fri 14 Nov 2008
1. finished vegas travel journal and
2. updated financial plan
3. ordered final five tix
4. had dinner with matt and missy at a la salsa
5. met up with dan and kate at the palace

Sat 15 Nov 2008
1. had brunch with matt at keegan’s
2. went to the gophers game (2-2 tie with tech)
3. shopped at the goldy store and got a new hoodie
4. did a lot of xmas knitting
5. watched ‘the bank job’, which was nowhere near as bad as we expected

Sun 16 Nov 2008
1. picked up the bar we got on craigslist
2. watched kangas get his first shutout against tech (3-0)
3. baked bourbon-apple cake
4. sorted and hung artwork
5. did more organizing and preparing of bar downstairs

If I’m really ambitious, I’ll write a script so it can post for me every day!

We’ve been doing a ton of work on our house, trying to get completely moved in before our housewarming party on Saturday. I’m pretty sure we’ll get there, as all we have left is a few pieces of artwork to hang, and a few boxes to go through in the basement. Our downstairs now has a bar, a poker table, a stereo sytem, a dartboard, plenty of seating, and a decor that looks like a college dorm crossed with a bachelor pad. In short, it is awesome, and completely devoted to parties and good entertainment. We may never go out again.

OK, that’s only half-true.

Tonight is the only night we don’t have plans, so we’re hoping to finish up much of it, and maybe I’ll even take pictures. Then I’ll come back here in two weeks and post about it. REALLY.

Have an awesome week!!

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