ok, so it’s probably not tuberculosis.

The sickness and the business, they linger on. I do, however, feel somewhat better today, and my anti-cough medication helps keep me from scaring all my coworkers. Since I seem to be well enough to return to the gym, I’m declaring this round of the plague officially over.

In the week since I’ve been here… well, the most important part was Klein and Steph’s wedding!!!

We went to the rehearsal dinner Friday night and had an awesome time with Andy, Kristina, Ben, and Jill, then went to meet Matt’s parents at their hotel in St Paul. We walked the couple of blocks to Senor Wong, where we had engagement-celebratory cocktails, and his parents didn’t seem to mind the really loud DJ or patrons at all. That place is really entertaining.

When we left at midnight, it was already snowing pretty hard, and it was piling up on my car. The drive home was not awesome, especially since we had to go retrieve his car from Summit Avenue.

Saturday, it continued to snow. Matt went to the wedding to usher, and I got a ride with Missy and Joe a little later. We wore dresses and snow boots, because that’s how Minnesotans roll. Then we all headed over to the reception at the Town and Country Club.

kris, matt, judy, and harlan

We had such a great time. We danced most of the night, so did Judy. She decided she loved Orsi, and therefore wanted to dance like her; I’m pretty excited that my future mother-in-law now knows how to drop it.

(Please check out the album that Pete and a bunch of the dudes made for Klein. It’s amazing.)

The reception shut down around 11, so we went over to Stub’s for a beer before heading home. We knew they’d declared snow emergency earlier in the day, so we were particular about where we parked. That didn’t seem to matter much to the tow truck driver that left with Matt’s car, though.

We discovered the empty parking spot before 1am, got a cab, went to the impound lot, did some yelling, did some more yelling, paid $140, and finally got the car (we’d actually beaten it there, watched it come in, and then had to wait for them to process it).

Exhausted, we headed home, where we discovered the power was out. It was 3:30, so that didn’t seem like such a huge deal. We piled up the blankets and went to bed, figuring it’d be back sometime during the night. That was not exactly the case, though, and when we got tired of the 55-degree house and completely-dead phone batteries, we went to Tailgate to watch the Vikings game. (You know it’s pretty awesome when you bring your phone charger to the bar, too.) I felt like crap from the coughing and just wanted to nap, but we powered through.

The electricity still hadn’t returned by 4pm, so I called my mom to ask how long I could let the freezers go before emptying them and hauling everything out to her house. As we were talking, I saw the Xcel trucks rounding the corner. We were saved!! Since we had nothing else to do, Matt and I stood in the window and peered at them for half an hour til our lights came on.

Oh, and my server died, presumably because of the power surge. Fingers crossed that it’s just the power supply and a $50ish fix! I’m really, really glad I bought that backup drive a few years back, just in case. I have many thousands of photos on there.

It was a rough Sunday, but whatever. We survived, stayed warm, I’m recovering, and Matt seems to have avoided the sickness. YAY!

Also, I realized yesterday that I hadn’t done any wedding-planning in an entire week, so we signed a contract to reserve a block of hotel rooms for that weekend. If our caterer-of-choice’s event planner lady ever decides to call me back, we might even get that set up, too.

And now I shall return to my crazy amounts of work. There’s only one day left this week, so I can’t be too annoyed by that. We heading eastward this weekend!

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