I went to work for an hour today, long enough to fix a couple things and figure out how to connect to the VPN so I could work from home. I’ve had this stupid cough building up for a few days, and today it decided to start expanding to other regions of my head and lungs. Yuck.

Our experiment with Ethiopian food on Tuesday went perfectly, with one minor exception: the recommended substitution for teff wasn’t ideal (I think they meant corn flour / masa instead of corn meal). The resulting flatbreads cooked up the same as injera, though, so they were just as useful in eating our meal. Now that I know it’s really easy to make injera, we’ll go find some teff at Midtown. I might even go the whole route and begin with sourdough starter 48 hours ahead of time.

I was beyond thrilled that the dal turned out exactly like the dish I’ve had in restaurants. Absolutely perfect! I’m so proud.

Yesterday was our 4-year anniversary! It was especially important to celebrate, since it’ll be our last one in November. We had dinner at the newly-reopened Blackbird, which is sadly no longer walking distance from our house. After that, we went to Bradstreet (after a stop at my office for a tour). Yep, it’s still the greatest bar ever. We always end up meeting interesting people there. This time, the bartender told us we were the happiest and most talkative couple who ever comes in there (I really don’t know what that says about other people except that they’re strange), and also invited us to see his band. Haha. Oh, and Rob said Matt should bring in some of his bitters and they’ll make up cocktails with them. That’s so damn awesome.


The nice thing about working from home (apart from insane productivity, with the lack of interruptions)? Seeing this. Fall looks pretty good right now.

3 thoughts on “COUGHCOUGHCOUGH

  1. Reply aprilNo Gravatar Nov 18, 2010 11:46 am

    DUDE! I am toying with doing an Ethiopian spread for Ye Olde Non-Denominational-Holiday Party. If you have a tried recipe for injera, which is totally the hardest part, I’d love it if you could share!

    • Reply jenniNo Gravatar Nov 18, 2010 3:26 pm

      well, here’s the thing: we used the wrong flour so they weren’t perfect, but since this recipe is really easy to put together (provided you have teff), i would give it a try anyway. they definitely cooked up correctly.

      the REAL injera involves sourdough starter, and is a multi-day process. i’m not ready to attempt that yet!

      • Reply aprilNo Gravatar Nov 19, 2010 2:28 pm

        I’ll definitely check it out. The extra-awesome thing about using teff (if you can find it) is that it’s gluten-free, so Ethiopian food is a crowd pleaser for vegans and Celiacs sufferers!

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