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I have returned and even recovered from the 3-Day! I want to type more about it, but I hope to finish the photos first. Just know that it was amazing, and I loved every insanely-busy minute of it. Even the part where I had to be introduced to 3,000 people. Holy crap.

Yesterday, I was reveling in being back at mi casa. I spent some time harvesting the crops, then baked some coconut blondies with one of the zucchinis. Matt made tacos, and mine involved zucchini and the salsa we made from the garden last week. I also chopped up SIX POUNDS of tomatoes, which will be made into soup as soon as we have time. What the hell are we going to do with 40,000 anaheim peppers now? I need to research some recipes.

garden haul

Our office move happens this weekend! Since we’ll be out of town, I should hopefully be able to get in there and set up Sunday night. It’ll still be under construction for the next couple of weeks, but as long as I have a chair to sit in, I’ll be happy about it. Our workspaces are going to be infinitely nicer, and I have a view of Hennepin Avenue from my desk. At the next desk over? Joe. He’ll be starting the day after Labor Day.


Back soon with the 3-Day wrapup!

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  1. Reply joNo Gravatar Aug 25, 2010 12:12 pm

    fire up the grill, roast and peel a bunch, then put them in a bunch of small zipper bags or small plastic containers (brueggers cream cheese containers are a perfect size) with as much juice as you can salvage from the peeling operation. freeze. the juice just keeps the freezer burn off if you don’t use them for, say, a year. i freeze numerous small containers because they are easier to use in recipes.

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