My 2010 3-Day photos are done! I’m still having dreams about having to dispatch vans to walkers who are waiting for help. I’m not quite sure how long that will be in my head.

While I loved being Stationary Road Coach this year, and the massive amounts of work involved in it (I can talk on two Nextels at once now, thank you), I need to be back on the route next year. Being in camp orchestrating things from afar is not my style. Plus I missed seeing these guys!

the tutu patrol

Our sweep team was an excellent group of people, six of whom learned within 12 hours of the event that they’d be on the team. Due to our fundraising prowess, we won both an ice cream social at camp, and dinner at Moto-i. We still have to work out a schedule for that!

What I learned is that the 3-Day is run by a fantastic group of people, and I loved working with all of them. It was mindblowing to see how they make things happen in camp and especially at closing ceremonies. When Cindi and I arrived at the state capitol before 8am Sunday morning, we found only the command center and a couple of tents. By that afternoon, there were at least 20 tents, all the necessary supplies, a giant stage, and thousands of people. Amazing.

I will definitely be back with the 3-Day in some form for year 7!

So… what’s going on now:

1) Matt and I went to the fair for opening day. Here’s his wrapup, and my photos!

2) We’re moving offices this weekend, so it’s just one giant pile of boxes around here. Next Monday will find us at 8th and Hennepin, and I cannot wait to be back over on that side of town. (Not to mention the fact that Joe’s starting the next week, and Missy will be working a few blocks from us.)

3) I had a root canal yesterday morning. I’d been on painkillers since they put the temporary crown in two weeks ago, so I was really glad to have it over with. It’s so much better already!

4) We’re off to Milwaukee this weekend to see the Mighty Mighty Bosstones and generally cause a ruckus. My inner nerd is excited to take photos of all the places I’ve lived there.

See you next week!

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