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My sixth Breast Cancer 3-Day is this weekend. I realized I haven’t talked anywhere near as much about it this year, for two reasons: it’s become what I do every year (so I just assume everyone else is aware of it at all times), and because this time around has been more stressful than the last…. which is funny considering the massive time and effort that goes into things like raising over $2,000 a year, planning fundraisers, and training. Lots and lots of training.

Being a captain has been a different kind of stressful. I’m a perfectionist, so dealing with giant groups of people who do things in very different ways makes me a little bit crazy. My role this year is new to the 3-Day, too, so it’s being tested as the events roll out. Not knowing exactly what we’ll be dealing with is a little nervewracking, even though I know we’ll be good at it. There’s a way of just forcing things go well on the 3-Day.

The main nagging thing, though, is that I’ll be in camp with a pile of paper and a giant whiteboard and my lovely assistant, Cindi, running the road works from afar. I’ve never not been on the road on the 3-Day, either as a walker or crew member. I’ve never not met the walkers, cheered them on, and suffered along with them. So it’s kind of painful to think of not having that experience this year, to the point where I’ve already made plans to return to it in the future. It’s such an important part of the 3-Day to me, and I’m going to miss it. I know that this new position will make it an even smoother-functioning event, though, and that’s really important.

This morning, I hit my $1,500 fundraising goal, thanks to the generosity of a LOT of awesome people. (My original goal was $500, then $1,000. Proof you guys are awesome.) We’re still on track to win as the top fundraising crew team, too!

Tonight I’m going to pack, shop for a million energy drinks, finish up maps with Wendy, make sure I have my giant pile of papers in order, and then tomorrow we’ll head to crew day in the afternoon. I’m excited to be consumed by that world again, where you’re completely oblivious to anything going on outside of it. It’s just constant work, exhaustion, positivity, and hope. There are way too few times in your life where you can actually know for sure that you’re making a difference in the world, and I can’t wait to experience that again.

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