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Hello, Monday. Can’t say I’m that glad to see you right now.

In recent news not related to farming, Matt and I went to wish Azia goodbye last Wednesday, as it closed this weekend. We had a great time there, but the insane heat in that building… yeah, I’m glad they’re moving. I’m excited for the new spot downtown, too, and maybe a tiny bit hopeful that the lounge area is at least a little reminiscent of Foundation. I miss that place a lot.

Thursday, we cleaned and prepped for Jamaican Independence Day. (After finally getting to spend some time at home this weekend, we’ve found ourselves with the cleanest house at least in the entire state.) Friday, we had people over for a ton of Jamaican food and beer in the yard. Everything was so good. Except for the part where mosquitoes made me their personal buffet while we sat by the fire.

Saturday, we did two million more things around the house and then went out with Chris and Meg in the evening. A mere fourteen hours later, we met up with them again for this:

Camel racing! And ostrich racing! It was fantastic. I’ve never seen Canterbury that crowded, either.

meg and anna

We spent as much time outside as possible on a day that was almost 100 degrees, and then relocated indoors. The heat caught up with me around 8pm last night, when I was close to the point of slapping myself to stay awake.

I think that’s still continued to today, too, because this morning around 9am, I went to the bathroom at work and then promptly forgot, so I went again. Yeah, I’m not really sure either.

It’s 11 days til the 3-Day!! Excuse me while I go panic a little. I’m only $110 from my goal of $1500, too, so don’t let me stop you from donating or anything!

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