open studio, here i come

Last night was the last class for Letterpress II. We’ve been officially sent off into the big world of expensive, oldtimey printing!

I knew there was no way I’d finish my project in those three hours, so I spent all night setting type and laughing. My favorite story of the evening was the one about how two of my classmates went to our teacher’s open house at his studio, and Clark ended up making friends with a bunch of midwives. Oh, and he was drunk on mint juleps. Awesome.

I finished almost all my typesetting, at least til I ran out of o’s about halfway through the last piece. I’ll have to print the rest, then steal the letters from the other stuff once I’m done. I finished printing the color portion of three of my prints last week, which means I have one left to go, followed by the type on all four pieces. It’s a lot, but it won’t take more than one or two studio sessions! (Also, I’ll end up with 24 sets of prints. That’s a lot.)

They don’t have weekly open studio til June, but I’ll work on planning some other projects in the meantime. My Illustrator skills are in serious need of a tuneup, anyway.

After class, we all went over to Grumpy’s to trade contact info and celebrate. Pretty sure I’ll be seeing everybody back there in June, of course.

Also, I have a lead on a big platen press in northern Minnesota. I probably shouldn’t… but possibly I will.

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