quick and not-so-dirty

Remember the days when you could talk about things like doin’ it on the internet without ruining your personal brand? Haha.

I’ve been programming like a crazyperson at work, which is why I keep forgetting to write! And then I come back once a week to give you a list, much like I’m about to do now:

  1. This weekend ruled. Friday Night Meats (technically still the preseason, so it was deemed Great Friday instead), then hanging out with Meg at Town Talk, then being beckoned to close down the Herkimer for Anna’s birthday party. I confess that I didn’t really want to go, but afterwards, I was of course happy we did. We had a fantastic time, and don’t get to see Frasier that often!
  2. Saturday, I puttered around the house and was alarmingly productive while Matt went to a Twins preseason game at Target Field. He came home sunburnt: how’s that for outdoor baseball? I love it. In the evening, we watched Butler – Michigan State at Lyle’s with Cindi and Adam, then walked up to La Belle Vie for a few drinks. Again, fantastic.
  3. Sunday, we had Easter brunch at my parents’ house. DELICIOUS.
  4. I took my car in to have the road tires put on, the oil changed, and to have the butt end reattached. And as you know, it’s currently on the market. I got one offer on it right away, but haven’t heard back on that. Pretty sure I won’t be waiting too long to sell it, though!
  5. I can’t wait to car-shop. Even car-shopping for the cheapest mode of transportation is going to be hella entertaining.
  6. This time of spring is my favorite. The trees have more leaves daily, we have early vegetables sprouting in the backyard, and there are tulips, daffodils, crocus, and hyacinth in the front garden.
  7. I posted all about our awesome trip to Milwaukee!! I finished that quickly just to get back in the swing of travel-journaling, because I still have to post about our cruise and visit to San Juan. That’s a huge project, and I’ve sworn to get it done before we leave for New Orleans in two weeks.

And now I’m off to letterpress class, where there are polymer plates of my designs awaiting me. I’m so excited!!

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