things that are awesome, part XXXVIII 2

1) I signed up for Letterpress II.

The amount of money involved kind of kills me, but I love it like crazy. I want to make things all the time. And maybe I can make money on some of those things eventually. So there’s that.

2) Our local dive bar

Matt and I remember the existence of Tailgate on 61st and Nicollet every few months, and wonder why we haven’t been there lately. This time, we remembered because we got a 2-for-1 dinner coupon on the mail. We went to use it last night, and ended up watching the Wild game, playing buzztime trivia (note to Wendy: my username is CANDYJONES), and enjoying their 90s-metalful jukebox. That place rules.

3) Southwest Journal

I would not read any other newspaper that showed up at my house (though I might do the crossword puzzle), much less be willing to pay for a subscription. Yet if Southwest Journal wanted to charge, I’d be all for it. It’s excellent. I love the new rants and raves section; we need to write in about South Lyndale Liquors, Kowalski’s, Cafe Maude, my gym…

4) eBates

They just mailed me a $25 check. All I did to earn that was check to make sure the store I was planning to buy from anyways is in their listings, and click through from there. I’ve already accumulated more today with my purchases from Victoria’s Secret and Coastal Contacts.

5) our Valentine’s Day plans

We’re going to birthday brunch for Cindi at 11, have reservations for the Washburn A-Mill tour at 1, are checking into the Westin at 3, will be entertaining ourselves around town til 9pm, at which point we have reservations for the tasting menu at Saffron. Then we may go see a show, or continue hanging out til it’s time to crash. And then have brunch Sunday morning.

6) me at work

Holy crap, I’m getting a lot done.

Happy Thursday!

2 thoughts on “things that are awesome, part XXXVIII

  1. Reply WendyNo Gravatar Feb 11, 2010 2:46 pm

    CANDY JONES, CANDY JONES. We need to go to Jaro’s and spend time with the original Candy Jones.

    • Reply jenniNo Gravatar Feb 11, 2010 2:50 pm

      agreed 1,000,000%. also, please note that next friday, we’re taking joe to the dragon. he and missy both agreed that was a great idea.

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