a very gophers weekend

This weekend began with Colleen’s first Jucy Lucy at Matt’s Bar. I have grilled cheese there, and like to try to trick myself into believing it couldn’t possibly come into contact with meat on their grill. No way.

We then went to Oktoberfest at Gasthof. How can you not love Oktoberfest? HEART!

Colleen and I made friends playing Hammershlagen. We knew they were hardcore, because they were wearing fingerless Hammerschlagen gloves. But someone did pretty well on their first attempt:

We went to the Deuce afterwards, and met a stripper who tried to make uncomfortable conversation (she told us she goes to school at UW River Falls, of course) before asking all of us if we wanted a lap dance. We politely declined, and she moved on so Colleen could have her chair back. After a while, we walked over to the Northeast Palace for karaoke, dancing, and a girl puking in the wastebasket in the ladies’ room. Matt and Kate did a rendition of ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ that was amazing, not only because Matt was doing the high harmony.

The next morning, we switched back and forth between the Gophers-Badgers game (us) and the Michigan-Michigan State game (Colleen) before taking her to the airport around 2pm. Matt and I went to Target to buy most of the store, including a stand for our TV. We spent the rest of the day assembling it, watching movies, inventing cocktails, and generally being awesome.

Sunday, Matt headed to what was supposed to be the last Twins game at the Metrodome (they just can’t say goodbye!), while I went with my sister and Wendy for an exciting day with the Gophers. We had lunch at Grumpy’s, watched some of the Twins game, and then went to tour TCF Bank Stadium. Stephanie and I had been inside the building before, but this time we were allowed to go on the field, and even into the locker room.

The stadium is amazing. There were a ton of people there, but they kept everyone moving pretty efficiently. In an eerily Bucky-esque manner, Goldy was hanging around wearing only a tshirt.

And then, for the very first time this season, there was HOCKEY.

It was the kind of blowout game we haven’t enjoyed in a while, where you start feeling bad for the opposing team. Especially with the “USA” chant near the end: so tacky, and yet so hilarious. It’s nice to have a game like that, though, considering we have a really difficult start to the regular season: at North Dakota, and then hosting Denver. I can’t wait.

Tonight is bowling, which inconveniently overlaps the Vikings-Packers game. We’ll all still be watching, of course.

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