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Let me tell you: last week was delicious.

We have beans! A bean forest, practically!

Our tennis court broke, but that didn’t stop us from playing.

Matt made posole.

We didn’t win trivia. We’ll be back!!

I took the bus to work for three days. I got to read my book and see things like this, which was very awesome. My reasons for taking the bus were not so awesome. More on how much Walser sucks soon. Count on it.

My garden is very happy. We have a bunch of herbs, eggplant, many kinds of pepper, tomatillos…

…okra, green beans, yellow squash, amaranth, sunflowers, and 5 different kinds of tomatoes.

The amaranth might be my favorite thing ever. Those pink dreads will turn into seeds, which I’ll use in bread.

I grew coriander! Well, cilantro that dried up after it went to seed. Still, coriander.

I blocked Girasole and will be entering it in the state fair tonight.

We’ve been grilling a lot. Matt made bacon-wrapped hot dogs with hot sauce on them.

Friday was perfect patio weather at Pancho Villa with Matt, Cindi and Dan. We met Willis at CC Club later…

…where Matt became a robot…

…and so did Cindi.

I fulfilled my ultimate garden goal: making callaloo with the amaranth (and spinach) I grew.

I made tostones with plantains from the farmers market, too.

Oh, and black bean and corn salad! Matt make jerk chicken, and jerk seitan for me. And mai tais. Probably the greatest meal ever.

At least until the next morning, when I recreated the best sandwich I’ve ever had. Fried egg, callaloo, and cheese. Just like at 23/7 in Negril. Except not on the beach.

We went to the Twins game. I had three legitimate (and several not-legitimate) foul ball scares. Seriously, batters are trying to kill me. Just call me Yossarian.

Happy Monday!

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    Just call me Yossarian.


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