infinite summer

So I’m officially halfway through Infinite Jest, just 10 pages off the pace for Infinite Summer (thanks to my bus ride this morning; Walser forgot to mention they’d need to hold onto my car to do the end-of-warranty work).  As the book is on my desk at work right now, I’m considering maybe just sneaking off to the bathroom to read. I’ve reached the point where I really want to know how everything comes back around.

My problem is that I become way too emotionally involved in the book. I can’t help it. Matt thinks it’s funny that I’m empathetic to the point where I have bad dreams about it, and there are sections that are upsetting to the point that I’m not sure whether I want to keep reading. I just made it through two of them: Lucien and Bertraud, and Himself’s father and the bed-squeak. They were so brutally depressing that I wanted to stop. I was happy to go back to reading about addiction, because at least those people have emotions. That vacuum of feeling that results from so much abnormality is terrifying, particularly when it’s treated humorously.

In other internet-challenge-based news, I’m a day ahead on the 5-a-day decluttering challenge! My ebay auctions have garnered $52 thus far, and our garage sale pile has taken over the downstairs bathroom. That’s so awesome. We’re going to be rich and have a very neat house. Well… ok, we’re going to have a very neat house and a nice dinner. Good enough!

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