a headband will make me 46% better at tennis. 2

My bike is sitting in our front porch right now*, waiting. It has a new wicker basket on the front (maybe I’ll weave some flowers into it and get streamers for the handles, to complete the picture), and the tires are finally inflated. They were flat when I got it back from the parents’ house, and my tiny pump was incapable of filling them. We got a regular pump with a pressure gauge on it (that and the basket were free with my stockpiled Amazon gift certificates, together with this cookbook, hooray!), so I was finally able to confirm that the old tubes are actually capable of holding air. Matt’s bike is now ready to go, too, thanks to a new tube and Dan’s assistance with the back wheel. It’s always helpful having a friend who works at a bike shop.

I want to ride our bikes now! I have to confirm that I remember how; last time I rode was 5 years ago, and I was still wobbly turning corners, due to my incredibly awesome balance**. I ride the bike at the gym a ton, but it’s not the same. I’m unlikely to fall off that one, or get run over by an SUV.

I’ve been insanely productive because of the 5-a-day challenge. I actually have to work to find stuff, which is a good sign. I’ve piled up a bunch of things in boxes in the basement, and scheduled a yard sale with some friends on September 12. Anything that doesn’t sell will be donated, rather than moving back into the house.  I’ve listed a few more valuable things on ebay, too. Though the challenge has only made us 56 cents so far (I found it in a drawer while cleaning), I expect that number will increase. Our basement is also ready for reorganization, which is awesome since half of it serves as the Costco pantry.

In the past couple days, we’ve spent our evenings at the Palace, Jimmy’s, Grumpy’s, and the tennis court. Therefore, it’s an excellent night to stay home and make some awesome food on the grill. I like this plan.

*Don’t steal it. It’s heavy and was like $99 at Target, so it’s totally not worth it.

**I have narrow eustachian tubes. Shut up. It means I can’t hear well, and can’t balance with my eyes closed.

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  1. Reply NikkiNo Gravatar Aug 5, 2009 12:16 pm

    You will LOVE the cookbook! It is so easy, and the bread is awesome!
    The caramel rolls would rival any bakery… Mmmmm.

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