good at weekends (clap clap clapclapclap)

Friday after work, we had everyone over for Friday Night Meats; Ryan wanted a break, and we’re always happy to not have to get ourselves home afterwards. We sat outside til around 10pm, when it started to become clear it was going to storm. Right as we got everything inside, it started pouring like crazy. We did a good job of weathering the storm by playing poker in the basement, though that meant all the cigar-smokers had to huddle in the porch instead of outside.

Saturday, Matt and I played tennis until the Home Depot robot called to tell us our freezer was on its way. After the delivery guys set it up in the basement, we took a giant circle tour of Minneapolis (shoe store and Target on 66th, United Noodles, Surdyk’s), then had dinner at the Industrial. After that, we headed back to south Minneapolis to hang out in Chris and Meg’s backyard. Many important things were planned, but the most exciting is PROM, the catch being that everyone has to bring someone who’s not their partner. As expected, Ryan’s girlfriend asked me. Ryan’s going with a golf club, and Matt’s bringing Doran. Hot.

Later in the evening, we headed to St Paul to celebrate Doran and Adam’s birthdays. Adam managed to get us to commit to kickball and doubles tennis, which should be highly entertaining. We discovered how surprisingly awesome Fabulous Fern’s is, despite the fact that it looks like a Perkins. Later on, we all headed to the patio at the Happy Gnome, where I proceeded to want to die of cold. This weather, it’s really not right.

Sunday, we house-cleaned and organized like crazy. The 5-a-day challenge is inspiring, apparently. We got a ton done around the house, then went to my mom’s to celebrate her 60th birthday. I met one of my mom’s tame rabbits who live in the yard, and he took a cracker from my hand.

After dinner, Matt and I went home for more organizing and hanging out, having realized we hadn’t really sat on the couch all weekend. It’s important sometimes.

I was starting to doubt that summer was ever going to return, but it seems to have arrived with that awesome thunderstorm last night. After my oil change and checkup (OD will be out of warrantee in a few months! GASP!), then some very necessary yard work, we plan to celebrate this on a patio with tiki drinks. That hasn’t happened in an unusually long time.

How are you doing with the 5-a-day challenge, muchachos? I listed some things on ebay today, and hope to actually make some cash on this, too!

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