and the livin’ is easy 2

We went all crazy with the birthday gift cards last night. The Target one landed season 3 of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia* and some solar pathway lights for our sidewalk. The Bachmans gift card bought me a bunch of flowers to put in the galvanized planters we got at CB2 in Chicago. (Did you notice that Matt managed to get me flowers in two different forms for my birthday? He is awesome.)

You may have realized how completely nerdy I am about our yard. It makes me so damn happy. The vegetable garden is thrilled with the recent rain and cooler temps. Peas are spiraling their way up the supports, peppers are flowering, the lettuce and spinach are gigantic, and the beets could be ready very soon. I go peer at all of it every day, and I can’t believe the changes. I’m also way too excited that my clematis are about to flower near the arbor; I didn’t expect much out of those til next year.

Now all we need is warmer weather. I want to set up the hammock!

After all the shopping, we headed over to Lyle’s for one of the rare doubleplus awesome sports events: NHL and NBA finals games, on the same night! We walked in and found the place packed, which was immensely confusing; Lyle’s never gets busy until happy hour at 9. We couldn’t even find a spot in the main room, and had to go in the back by the pool tables. There, it all became clear to us:

That’s such a terrible idea. Terribly awesome, that is.

* If you’re ever sobering up on the couch on a weekend night, you will find this show to be 150% funnier than it already is. Trust me on this.

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  1. Reply WillisNo Gravatar Jun 10, 2009 2:14 pm

    3 for 1’s are kind of weak. only 3 types of shitty beer, and many rail restrictions?

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