Have I mentioned…

…that Steve’s Tire and Auto is the best? Please don’t confuse them with Bobby and Steve’s, which sucks.

I dropped OD off there after work yesterday to have the snow tires swapped out. Snow wheels, actually. They wanted to know what I thought of the Blizzak tires (they made a world of difference… my car was pretty much undriveable in the snow before I got them). Then they spent a lot of time talking about how they were excited to work on the 6-liter GTO. They’re kind of hilarious.

I asked them to please not laugh at me, as all my wheels were shoved inside the car. There were three in the backseat and one in the passenger seat, which I had to hold every time I went around corners. They’re too big to fit in the trunk, and it was easier to shove them all in my car than to make arrangements to meet Matt after work. The guys there had put them all in plastic bags for me, too, so they wouldn’t get the seats dirty.

They said it’d be an hour or so before they could get it in, so I decided to walk instead of sitting around. It’s almost 3 miles from 38th and Nicollet to my house, and it was awesome walking in the 60-degree weather. I zigzagged my way through south Minneapolis, and saw along the way:

1) a rusted-out pedal pub that I kind of wanted to steal

2) an old guy getting out of his truck with a cigarette and a beer

3) sidewalk chalk reading, “I farted right here!”

I made it home in 40 minutes, which matches my 3-Day pace time. AWESOME. Matt had just arrived, too.

Steve’s Tire called to say my car was ready shortly thereafter. When we got there, the guy said, “So, you don’t have to answer this, but… how fast have you gotten to drive that thing?” Haha! I haven’t really had the chance to get it over 100 yet, since my only roadtrip involved ice in South Dakota. Then he raved about how it drove when he took it for a spin to ‘test the wheels’. Those guys are awesome.

I have a lot more to post about, but I’m doing so in shifts. HAPPY… wait, what day is it?

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