work hard and be nice to people.

It’s spring! I have seeds sprouting in my house, and we’re going to prepare the garden this weekend. Matt’s parents will be here for Easter, so the weekend will also include grilling and baking and general awesomeness.

Matt’s been sick this week, though he seems to be improving. Poor boy! I’ve been using Zicam daily, and despite a few bodily suggestions to the contrary, I think I may have escaped the plague. Fingers crossed.

This week in brief: Monday, I went to the dentist and then hung out with my favorite boy on the couch. I started two knitting projects (Onerva – in Finnish! – and some awesome red socks, knit at the same time). Tuesday, I went to the Wild game with Fiona, who has amazing season tickets in the second row. Behold our view:

We were even on Versus; Matt texted me a photo of us on TV after a goal!

Last night, we had dinner at Salsa a la Salsa with Dan and Kate, who recently got engaged. We ended the night at King & I listening to Plain Ol Bill, and then spent some more time on the couch.

Tonight will be a whirlwind, and I have to find time to grocery shop at some point in between activities. We’ll figure something out!

Oh, before I go: my Jamaica travel journal is now half-complete! Go read and sigh at the photos as I’ve been doing.

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