april foolish

1) Now can I have my street tires put back on, please? It can’t possibly snow again.

2) Matt and I went to the Wolves game last night, courtesy of Facebook. It was fine except for when I had to go up to the ‘social networking meetup’ table to get the tickets. Hopefully no one recognized me.

3) After the game, we went over to Bradstreet at the Graves 601. Oh my god, are we in love with that place now. The bartenders were amazing, and so were the drinks. They have Wray & Nephew, our friend the overproof rum from Jamaica. We learned that Zwack Unicum in the US is nowhere near as horrible as the stuff you get from Europe. And they gave us info on a place we have to visit in Chicago. We’ll be going back there soon.

4) I booked the cruise yesterday. It leaves from Puerto Rico, and stops in St. Maarten, Dominica, Grenada, Tobago, and Barbados. With the exception of the PR, those are all new countries for me! Also, we’re spending the night before and after the cruise in San Juan. I loved it there, and want Matt to see it, too.

5) The guy who I talked to at Delta Skymiles Vacations was originally British, then lived in Jamaica, Canada, and now Florida. He has the greatest accent ever, and he serenaded me on the phone for a very long time. See, he was auditioning to sing at our wedding, an idea he invented when I told him I was a ‘Ms’. I kind of want to call him with questions every day. We discussed the awesomeness of Jamaica, how Minneapolis is really not like the tropics at all, and how he’s scared of flying to see his grandkids in England. So awesome.

6) I’m a quarter of the way done with Project 365! Hooray!

Happy April!!

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