Apparently they’re expecting catastrophic weather again tonight. I’m glad Robin told me to for sure not switch out my snow tires til April 1!

So, this weekend, now that we’re getting back to it. After brunch at the Happy Gnome, and lots of picture-taking and warmth-enjoying at the Como Conservatory, Matt and I met up with Wendy later in the evening at Triple Rock. Hey, did you know they have vegetarian poutine there? Oh yes, they do.

From there, we went over to Blue Nile for the Battle Rap Championships, put on by the Twin Cities Battle League. I wasn’t previously aware that such a thing existed here, and now my life is forever changed.

It got going around 10pm, with a lot of talk from the MC and an awesome DJ. The battles themselves started around 11 or so. We didn’t mind sitting around, re $3 drink specials and general awesomeness. There was good music, and the b-girls were dancing. Also, the crowd was fantastic.

Wendy and I had picked Shelltoe off the postcard to win it all, because we liked his name. Shelltoe did indeed end up winning (he was hilarious), but only after he’d gotten in a fight outside and been punched in the face. After a long diatribe from the MC about how it’s supposed to be left on the stage, Shelltoe finished the last battle while wiping the blood from his nose.  Holy crap.

In short: go see it. We’ll for sure be going again.

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