things that are extremely awesome.

1) March Madness.

I love it. It doesn’t really matter whether you’re a basketball fan or not: college sports at the highest level are always amazing.

2)  Our yard.

I haven’t had a yard since I sold my house 5 years ago. Now we have a patio, a firepit, and a big garden. That’s so exciting.

The patio set we’ve been wanting at Target was on ultra-sale Saturday, so we decided to get it. Since we hadn’t been planning on it, though, we had my car. The trunk is tiny and the seats don’t fold down, but with the help of two extremely enthusiastic teenage employees (who wanted to spend as much time outside, and especially wanted to talk about my car), we managed to wedge the thing in the back seat. Matt and I drove home in the most unsafe manner possible, and we set it up on the patio.

Yesterday, my parents brought my arbor over, too. SO EXCITED.

3) The bands we saw this weekend.

Jimi “Prime Time” Smith and the Chicago Flavor at the Schooner Tavern (where we witnessed a cop talking about the time he got tased, a guy who was not in the band playing harmonica along with the band, and some amazing local old folks, who all seemed to know each other). Then we went to the Sunday night blues jam session at Famous Dave’s, which Doran has been attending regularly. It was fantastic, and I started crying when they played ‘No Woman, No Cry.’ I can’t help it. Every time I hear that, it’s like a flashback to having my feet in the sand, watching the sun set over the ocean, and being really embarrassingly schmoopy with the boy I love. It was perfect.

4) We’re going to Chicago for the World Cup Qualifier.

We can’t stop talking about it. If we could, we’d go down there for the entire week.

5) In a mere two months, we’ll be camping!!!

I have a new camp chair on the way. It has a cooler built into the arm.

6) Our house is ridiculously clean.

I keep wanting to do crazy spring cleaning, then realizing the place really doesn’t need it. We just moved in in October, and everything’s pretty organized. Besides regular vacuuming and cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, there’s not that much to do. However, I did vacuum out the entire front porch, and we swept off the patio. Everything is particularly shiny right now.

7) Vacation planning

Of course I’m always working on future trips. At the forefront are Vegas and the cruise. Then there are the many roadtrips we have to figure out how to schedule.

8) Financial nerdery

I feel like we’re getting ourselves in a really good spot, moneywise. I love that.


I could probably live in the yard. We could just set up the tent out there. Also, there’s things like walking around the lake and baseball season and hiking and gardening and canoeing and driving with the windows down, making people deaf from the bass.

10) We’re going to attempt to see the Stanley Cup tonight. And hopefully touch it.

Fingers crossed!!

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