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Dudes. My face hurts. I’m trying to avoid being sick, or perhaps acknowledging that I’m getting sick, which means I’m sitting at my desk trying to not put my head down, or I may not get up again. YUCK. Anyway, I’ll make this quick.

Friday, Matt and I joined twenty-some other people at Elsie’s for the fifth edition of the Zod Cup bowling tournament. We had dinner and drinks, and watched the Fighting LeBrons destroy the Celtics. Round about 9:30, we all piled into the bowling alley, where they switched on the black lights and 80s music (I woke up with Runaway by Bon Jovi in my head), and we got to rollin’.

My team was not great at all, which in bowling can be a very good thing. I was the best by far, with my 118 average; I think Jill didn’t get over 50 at any point. Chris and Steph improved a ton, though, and this got us all the way to the finals. Also, I GOT A TURKEY. Holy crap.

The American Meat Institute (Pete, Klein, Ryan, and boy-Chris) resorted to tactics like the creepy hug sammich to rattle us, but we held our own. We ended up losing to them, but they’re practically professionals. Drunk professionals. It was awesome.

Saturday, Matt and I went to see Streetlight Manifesto and Reel Big Fish at Epic. I haven’t been in that building since it was called Quest, scene of several of my favorite shows, such as Eagles of Death Metal and the Muse show where I was almost crushed to death and loved it. The place is pimp now; mostly it’s a club, so it’s all couches and VIP seating for bottle service. We hung out upstairs along the balcony railing. The show was fantastic, and so was the crowd, despite it being an all-ages show. Also, the bartender told us that bottle service has a $150 minimum; if you had 4 people for that at a show, it’d be totally worth it. We’ll have to keep that in mind; I definitely hope they have more awesome shows there instead of First Ave.

Afterwards, we went over to the Fine Line to meet Mikey. He was there with his wife, Chrissy, and one of their friends. His coworker’s band was playing, so we hung out for a while, hoping to see them. We figured they’d be up next, but then ’round about 11, a different band came on, fronted by some guy who’s on KFAN. Every song they played sounded like a ripoff of another Minnesota band; they covered Soul Asylum, then the Replacements, but had not yet gotten to Prince by the time we decided to take off. I felt bad about leaving Mikey at al, but we’d have been napping on the table by the end of that set.

We wandered over to Element to see if they had a dance night. We hadn’t been there since it was Foundation, and we were really, really hoping it was the same as it had been before. AND IT WAS. My god, I love that place. We danced, then danced some more, and decided to leave before bar close when hordes of half-naked Eden Prairie girls would stumble out into the streets. This, it turned out, was an excellent plan, and we even got to Santana’s before it was busy. WIN.

Yesterday was a day of rest, involving a lot of sports on TV and knitting. We managed to achieve quite a bit as well; we put up a ton of photos in the bedroom, did laundry and dishes, baked bread using the stand mixer, and then Matt used that to make pornographically-good Welsh rarebit.

Oh, and apparently the Gophers played the Sioux this weekend. But we’re not talking about that, are we?

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    Was it Chris Hawkey?


    he’s pretty terrible.

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