Tuesday: got a hickey.
Wednesday: thought bowling with Matt, Wendy, Sarah, and John was a great idea. Remembered I’m a crappy bowler.
Thursday: crammed into a round booth with at least 47 people and 200 coats. Or so it seemed.

Immediately postwork, six of us are going to Mankato, City of Dreams, to see the first game in the home/home series against the Mavericks. I’m going to make a sacrifice to the hockey gods so that the Gophers might actually win this one, because I’m kind of worried about getting into fights. Also, I discovered yesterday that Jack Brass is playing at a bar a couple blocks from the arena, so we’re going to go surprise them with a pack of folks they know from the 612. It is going to be awesome.

The most exciting thing, however, is that tomorrow is my one-year anniversary with Matt. That boy makes me amazing amounts of happy, and I can’t wait to see him every single day. It’s the best feeling ever.

Happy weekend!!

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