Meet the Neighbors

Dear Neighbors:

It was nice to see all of you this morning as we wandered up and down the street, surveying the storm damage. This is how Minnesotans get to know each other: during emergencies.

Our block is a mess, but we got off pretty easy. There’s a huge tree on our roof, but no apparent damage. We’re without power, as is most of the city. They brought out the snowplows to clear the trees from the streets. We were surprised to be able to leave the house today, because we realized last night that there were huge trees laying across all three routes from our house.

Living close to the city, we’re unused to getting the worst of storms. I always figured that was reserved for trailer parks. Last night, Heather yelled that we needed to get out of the bedroom as we heard a tree starting to fall on the house. I couldn’t find my glasses or robe fast enough, so we ended up crawling down the hallway naked and blind, shutting all the doors in case the windows blew in. It’s a funny picture in retrospect. Luckily, there’s no photodocumentary evidence of that particular event.

Speaking of which:

The street in front of la casa. The tree across the street was wrapped neatly around Heather’s car last night.

Our backyard

A neighbor’s driveway

Our street

Our park. It has about half the trees it used to.

The neighbors’ deck. Their tree is now on our roof.

Trees and lightpost


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