Hey, remember me?

I’m back. I’m glad to be home. And I had an incredible trip.

I’m working on a travel journal. Right now it’s in analog format. My laptop was less communication device, more ballast in the trunk on my trip. Which was fine, really. I didn’t have much time to do anything but download photos from the camera.

Here’s my vacation in a nutshell:

I covered 13 states, 3 countries, and 6700 miles in 19 days.

My car has new tires, new brakes, repaired power steering, a new headlight, and a new gas cap.

It took me 8 days before I started talking to myself.

I saw topless showgirls, mountain goats, and the Pacific Ocean (for the first time in my life). I drove through a tree. I climbed up a mountain in the snow. I had people ask me six times if I won my car on ‘The Price is Right’. I wore the same pants for three days in 115 degree heat. I’ve been cut, scraped, bruised, and sunburnt. I can accomplish more at 85mph on the interstate than most people do in a full day at work. I slept in fancy hotels, cheap motels, and my car (twice). It was all good.

Check back soon for the travelogue. But first, I need to catch up on some sleep.


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