Matt sent me this article about being vegetarian yesterday. It’s 100% correct.

Please don’t try to convince us that being vegetarian is somehow wrong. If you’re concerned for my health, that’s very nice, though you can rest assured that I’m in shipshape. If you want to have an amiable tête-à-tête about vegetarianism, that’s great. But if you insist on being the aggressive blowhard who takes meatlessness as a personal insult and rails about what fools we all are, you’re only going to persuade me that you’re a dickhead.


I got economically stimulated today, just in time to convert it to 3,700 pesos at the Puerto Vallarta airport. (I need to find a calculator somewhere that will tell me how many margaritas that is.) Oh, and I also opened a Sharebuilder account the other day, because they have this deal where you get $50 after making your first trade. It’s my first non-retirement-related adventure with the stock market, so it’s very exciting.

Speaking of exciting, have you heard that we’re going to Mexico tomorrow?? WE ARE! It’s also our one-and-a-half year anniversary. I’m going somewhere tropical with my favorite boy in the entire universe, and I’m pretty sure that means I’m really lucky.

Hasta luego, amigos!


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