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Hola, ‘migos!

Work has me jumping to try to finish this huge, painfully-involved upgrade, so I’ve been very dedicated to productivity instead of typing this week. Also, distracted by the many upcoming days off.

Recent history:

Friday, I had lunch with Matt (who picked an excellent day to take off work) and Wendy outside at the Ugly Mug. Matt joined me again for happy hour after work at Harry’s, because they finally have poutine on the menu, and a surprisingly-cheap happy hour. A drunk Ryan met us there, then left, then magically reappeared sitting next to us at the Twins game, with his girlfriend in tow.

…who we kind of tricked into going to the Deuce for drinks afterwards. She’s opposed to going to strip clubs, I guess, but it’s not exactly a strip club. It’s just a dive with naked ladies dancing on tables in the back.

After people started getting 86’d from the Deuce, a bunch of us went over to the Palace, and Dan and Kate met us there. We danced the Cupid Shuffle, once the DJ figured out who Cupid was. This is critically-important information, people!

Saturday, we grilled on the patio at Matt’s place and discovered that his building’s lawn actually made for an excellent bocce ground.

In the evening, we reassembled at Grumpy’s for dinner, then walked to the 90s to go dancing. That was going spectacularly as always (and it was insanely crowded, due to Pride), until some interpersonal issues near us kind of put a damper on the whole thing. Cindi and Matt and I grabbed a cab and got the hell out of there quick.

Sunday, Matt and I hung out watching futbol, including the very exciting Euro 2008 final. I was very excited to see Spain win, and very sad that all the good sports are over until hockey season starts up again. Football is ok on TV, but mostly it’s knitting time for me.

In the afternoon, I went to my parents’ and helped my dad install laminate flooring in the basement. He’d forgotten the hair-tearing and teeth-gnashing we’d done while installing it in the kitchen at my old house (it’s normal to block such suffering from one’s memory), so he was re-learning how much fun it was. Between the four of us, though, we made a ton of progress, and my dad was really thrilled with it. Also, I got a free pizza out of the deal, and a very cheap laptop, rebuilt by my brother. SCORE.

This week has been excellent so far; we just hung out Monday, then last night was date night. Matt did an excellent job of summing that up, though, so I’ll just direct you to his post while I go back to work. I’m pretty sure they’d appreciate it here.

Almost time for the holiday weekend! I can’t wait!


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