Apart from 101 Things updates, I last posted here nearly a month ago. At that point, I thought it was spring. I WAS WRONG.

I’m not sure if it’s actually spring now, but I’m going to go to New Orleans for almost a week so I don’t have to sit around here hoping. I did get a lot ready to go in the yard this weekend, just in case: I planted tomatoes, lettuce, and spinach, cleared out of the rest of the mulch from the garden, put up lights, and installed edger blocks in the formerly abandoned side garden that’s now full of daylilies we got from a neighbor. Assuming it’s still decent outside when we return, I’ll think about planting the rest of it.

We had an unexpected trip to Sioux Falls a few weeks ago when Matt’s dad ended up in the hospital having surgery on an infection next to his lung. According to the surgeon it’s actually really common, and he’s been healing very quickly since then. The Sanford Hospital there was incredible, like no hospital I’ve ever seen, and we had a good time with our non-hospital activities as well. Except for the part where we watched the Gophers lose the national championship to Union, but at least we were with friends when it happened.

We took a road trip to Watertown last weekend in order to help them with yardwork and spring prep that my father-in-law can’t yet handle himself (though he’s really close), and were there for just over 24 hours. The first part of the drive home involved dense fog, and the last part featured torrential rain, since we can’t possibly have a non-life-threatening drive to or from South Dakota.

Besides that, we’ve been working and, you know, doin’ stuff. Such as:

– The MSP International Film Festival (I think we saw 5 movies total? They were all great.)

– A couple of very cold Twins games

– Physical therapy for my hip and knee, which like to wake me up at night feeling like someone’s stabbing them

– We wrote our wills, since we’re all about fiscal responsibility

– The Festival of Nations, which is just as delicious as I remembered

– Kentucky Derby viewing at Canterbury, and some largely unsuccessful horse-betting (Matt did well, at least)

– The MS Walk at Minnehaha Park

– Enjoying the Wild’s playoff run

– All of the knitting (I recently became obsessed again with fair isle, so I started a new giant project in addition to the other gifts I’m working on)

We leave for New Orleans on Wednesday, and I’m very excited for our VRBO house in Marigny/Bywater with the hot tub on the patio. Steve, Colleen, and Very will be joining us for the weekend, and it will be awesome. And warm, because some places know how to have seasons other than winter.

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