Surviving Winter

It has been hellishly wintery here, as in most of the country, but this year it’s been a special soul-crushing form of winter where you’re constantly trying to come to terms with the fact that you live in a place where you could die simply by being outdoors. We have a lot of good reasons for living in Minneapolis, but cold is becoming the item that will outweigh all of them in the end.

Thankfully, we have good distractions. Like HOCKEY!! The Gophers won the North Star College Cup a couple weekends ago.


(They won it in a nervewracking, high-scoring tie game resulting in a shootout, but it’s important to do your trophy-collecting however you can.)


We had excellent club-level seats (how have I never been in the club level at Xcel Center?), and it had a very Final-Five-like feel, minus all the North Dakota asshats. We had a great time, and I’m excited for the Big 10 Tournament, too.

Matt and I took Friday and Monday off work last weekend and went back up to Boyd Lodge for the second year in a row. Everything was nearly identical to the previous year, but this time we had to wear pants because Wendy, Amelia, Joe, and Missy were there, too. We had a great time, involving a lot of playing games, laughing our asses off, and sitting in the hot tub. We also won trivia at Zorbaz, and a few of us even ventured outside for a walk on the lakes.


The others headed home Sunday, so Matt and I had our own Super Bowl party before leaving Monday. I really love that cabin, and want to spend a lot more time there!

This week has been insanely busy workwise, and when I have time at home I’ve been tearing apart the basement storage room and creating gigantic piles to donate, sell, throw out, or give away. Anyone want my childhood stamp collection? (I know you do.) We also joined up with a new monthly trivia league at Brits and found out last night that it’s HUGE, and we have a lot better competition there. We should probably stick to beating snowmobilers at Zorbaz.

Since I can’t not have a travel update, we’re leaving for Puerto Rico in 2 weeks. (!!!!!!!!) Also, we bought tickets to see Hedwig and the Angry Inch on Broadway in August (with Jumi, Amelia, and Wendy), so apparently we’re going to New York. Hooray!

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