The Busy-ness

I’ve wanted to update every day since we got back from vacation, but other things have conspired to prevent it. Mostly work. Holy crap, work, give me some downtime for once.

So, vacation. It was excellent, and it turns out my in-laws are pretty great travel companions! Our only complaint is that they like to go to bed early every night and we don’t, so they don’t understand why we’re not raring to go by 8am every morning. My feeling about that is: it’s vacation, and places are often more interesting at night.

It was really nice getting to see a lot more of the Keys beyond Key West, and what I know for sure is that I want to go kayaking and snorkeling all over them. Bahia Honda in particular was amazing, and you can swim in both the Atlantic and Gulf just by crossing a parking lot.

Atlantic-side Beach at Bahia Honda

Here’s my full photoset… details about tarpon feeding, sunset sailing, and the time Judy busked in Mallory Square to follow in my travel journal.

We came back from vacation to find that winter had begun in Minnesota. I’m not sure if fall happened in the week we were gone, but it definitely seems to have skipped an entire season. I’m sleeping with a blanket and the heaviest comforter on the planet, but I may have to escalate (already!) to the socks-in-bed and electric blanket. Also, I had to scrape my windows this morning. I’m not looking forward to the next six months.

(Things that help me survive winter here: PROJECTS. Lots of them. And Gophers hockey. And thinking about our next trip, which would be Puerto Rico in 122 days. And looking at real estate listings in warm places. And planning for the holidays!)

One more note about vacation: I got a 50% off deal for Waves Gear, so I decided to pick up a couple of their beach towels. They were so perfect for vacation that I went back and picked up a few more smaller ones for our boats and possibly the gym. They’re awesome, and they pack as small as advertised (though the large towel is the same size as an actual beach towel). If you spend a lot of time near the ocean or lakes, I promise you’ll love them.

So now that we’re back, I’ve returned to selling more of Matt’s childhood on eBay. We raised over $1600 before the trip, and another hundred or so as of yesterday. The in-laws brought another box of stuff to sell, and I’m compiling a collection of our stuff in the basement for the next round.

The more we talk about moving, the more I want to get rid of anything unnecessary; we cleaned out the attic the other day and dropped off a bunch of donations at ARC. (The attic is now just plastic bins full of seasonal clothes, and an excess of luggage. God forbid you don’t have the right bag for the trip.) And since we’re hosting 12 people for Thanksgiving this year, we fixed up the downstairs bathroom so that it’s usable, and cleaned a bunch of stuff out of there too.

Next up is the storage room. Since that’s where stuff goes to die, it’s going to be a big project.

Speaking of big projects, have I mentioned work? Oh right. I’m currently working on three projects at the same time. It’s enhancement season, when everything has to go out by the end of the year, and it’s nuts. We’re handling it pretty well, but I feel like I don’t have time to think about anything else. I miss my MVC project!

Matt and I are celebrating restaurant week with dinner at Amore Victoria tonight, followed by a movie, and Friday we’re going to Rosa Mexicano before the Mike Doughty show at First Ave. There were about 8 restaurants with actual vegetarian tasting menus this time around, so someday we’ll possibly even make it to California standards here in the Frozen North.

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