I don’t want to think of this as midsummer, but I’m aware that it will probably snow again in a matter of weeks. I should take a couple months off work and go out in my boat every day.

  1. BEER.
    Our Belgian dubbel is makin’. If you want to be aware just how much yeast farts are a critical part of the process, you should come see the bucket at the end of a giant tube coming from the fermenter, where the yeast farts are venting constantly.
    It’s interesting over the course of a few years to see what’s going to flourish in your yard, and what’s going to die off. My rhubarb didn’t come back this year, and I’m pretty sure that’s mostly to do with massive earwig infestation rather than winter. The asparagus didn’t show, either, and instead that whole area has been replaced with what appears to be a hedgerow of chives. My two clematis plants both broke off at ground level; while they’re supposed to be pruned every spring, they’re not supposed to be pruned that much. However, they’re both nearing 4′ tall on the arbor, so that obviously wasn’t a problem.

    The tomatoes (5) and hot peppers (something like 80? I think I have 11) are flowering. The broccoli has 1″ florets, and there are piles of white strawberries. We have usable lettuce, spinach, kale, chard and herbs at the moment, so I’ve been making the most of that. The potatoes are vining, but the sweet potatoes (which went in pretty late) are just getting going. Matt’s watermelon plants seem to be slow starters, too. The summer squash already has 2″ vegetables on it, so hopefully the squirrels leave them alone. We have 60 irises, and a front garden full of gigantic pink and white peonies. Everything is perfect right now, so let’s keep it that way.

  3. TRAVEL.
    Since we don’t have any big trips planned until October, I spend all my time thinking about traveling instead. Like how I really want to go back to Hawaii next year so Matt can go to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, because it’s amazing. And we can go to one of only two green sand beaches in the world, and the southernmost point in the US. And Pu’uhonua o Honaunau, which for some reason I think about all the time.

    It would be nice to just bypass Oahu and fly direct to Maui, which it’s pretty easy to do from the west coast. And since I didn’t use my miles for Puerto Rico, I conveniently have enough for at least one ticket to Hawaii instead!

    Anyway. Speaking of travel, I posted a quick review of the new American Express Centurion Lounge. Short version: it’s awesome.

    Tonight is trivia league. Tomorrow is minigolf league. If anyone wants to set up some kind of league for Friday nights, we’re in.
    We’re hosting this weekend. There will be punch.
    I’m cohosting Wendy and Amelia’s wedding shower this Sunday. It better not rain. Also, I’m so excited about the dessert I’m making, I will throw things if it doesn’t turn out. But it will.

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