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Since I’m the most deeply cynical human ever when it comes to politics and the possibility of social progress in this country, I was absolutely positive that Minnesota would pass the law last November to ban gay marriage in our state. That was shot down, however, and yesterday the state house voted in favor of legalization instead. It sounds like the senate vote Monday is a sure thing, and the governor has already said he’d approve it. I know it’s too early to celebrate, but I pretty much am anyway. That’s fantastic.

In other exciting news, we opened a bottle of our first homebrewed beer last night tp see how it turned out. It was good!! (That’s more to Northern Brewer‘s credit, since they supply the kits with malt extract, grains, and hops to produce the style you want.) It needs more carbonation, but it’s only been in the bottles for a week. That’ll happen over time.


Our second beer is still fermenting like crazy. It’s really interesting to see the difference between the two; with the first one, I worried we’d done something wrong, because it only actively fermented for three days or so. (That was obviously fine, since the beer came out right, at the proper ABV.) The second one has a higher original gravity, plus we used live yeast this time.

Kris says we can start working on designing our own recipes now that we’ve made two kits and understand the basics. I wouldn’t be sad about making kits for a while, but I like the idea of making something unique and hopefully not terrible. (That’s where his advice comes in.)

The in-laws will be back in town this weekend for Mother’s Day. We’re having my family over for brunch Sunday, then the four of us are going to the Twins game. The first 10,000 ladies get Twins sun hats, so you know that Judy and I will be stylin’ all day.

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  1. Reply ShibbyNo Gravatar May 10, 2013 8:12 am

    Re: Designing recipes…the fun really starts when you decide to start trying to “clone” delicious beers from far away places that you can’t get where you live. Or that some brewery decided to discontinue. I’m still questing for a dead-on recipe for New Glarus Black Wheat…but all my failed attempts have been damn tasty in their own right :-P

    Brew on!

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