les bons temps

Can I recap an entire month that I’ve not been updating? Sure, it just won’t be very detailed.

1) We spent a long weekend in January in an incredibly cute (and large) cabin in Cross Lake. There was only one day that it wasn’t brutally cold outside, so we borrowed skis from the lodge and cross-country skiied on the nearby trails. I’m pretty good at skiing on flat ground, but I fall down at the slightest hint of a hill; it’s good to know that hasn’t changed since I was a kid, when I took downhill lessons and bit it about 80 times on the bunny hill.

2) While at the cabin, we drove over to Nisswa for lunch at Zorbaz (it’s a longstanding tradition). Twas the weekend of the giant ice-fishing competition on the nearby lake, so Zorbaz was holding its own indoor version, based on raffle ticket numbers. I ended up winning fish. Like, a pile of frozen walleye and other fillets in a bag. HILARIOUS.

3) Hockey, massage, hockey, shows, hockey, hanging out, hockey, Mardi Gras, hockey… the Gophers are good this year. Have you heard?

4) NERDERY: Matt and I finished a WordPress conversion freelance project, and I’ve been writing a site in ASP.NET MVC with JQuery. Since the MVC documentation and sample code for VB sucks, I decided to learn C# instead. That’s made my life infinitely easier.

5) I’m taking kickboxing with Wendy and Katie. Sometimes the classes are just three of us and Master G (yes, that’s correct) and it’s awesome. Occasionally class involves jumping jacks or weights or squats, so even though I don’t get sore from punching or kicking anymore, that always does it.

6) Awesome Christmas was awesome, even though it didn’t happen til February. I want to explain some of the gifts, but you’d just be offended.

7) Work has been insanely busy, which is why I never have time to think about posting on here. I’d rather be busy than bored, though. There’s even a fair chance of some upcoming work travel!

8) I went in to have molds made of my two missing teeth, which right now just have the bone-screw implant covered with a cap. I’m pretty sure I made my final payment, too, which means that it will cost only(?) $5000 instead of the projected $6000. I get my new teeth installed on March 5!

9) I’ve been planning my birthday trip to Vegas in June. (Vegas in June? 115 degrees occasionally.) There are 10 of us going so far. It’s going to be great.

10) We’re going to Jamaica with Kris and Orsi and kids on Saturday, and we’re NOT COMING BACK for 11 days. I’ll be back with at least a couple pictures, and a tan.

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