I hate minstrels. 2

Here’s what’s been going on in the days since I last remembered this blog:

– We celebrated our first anniversary!!!(!!!!!) Matt sent me flowers at work, and we had dinner at Moto-I and went to see a movie at the sparkly new Uptown. While the 21+ balcony with loveseats is a great idea, the loveseats aren’t very comfortable at all. Still, the place looks great.

– We hung out with the Pour Decisions folks a few times at their release week parties. They make good beer, dudes. Also, Orsi convinced me that we should, in fact, take a ten-day rather than one-week trip to Jamaica, so that’s the official plan: we’re staying four nights on the cliffs in Negril with them, then have five nights on the beach, then one night in Montego Bay so we can avoid having to be on the airport shuttle at 9am. (Nobody likes seeing 9am in Jamaica.) Plus we’ve never spent any time in MoBay, so I’m looking forward to seeing what the town is like.

We redeemed our $800 Delta vouchers and a surprise anniversary gift from the in-laws, meaning that our vacation ended up being exactly half-price. Love it.

– We took our boats out last Saturday for what was likely the last weekend of summer. I love kayaking on Nokomis, because you can paddle under Cedar Avenue, and planes on their approach fly directly over your head. (If you ever take a northbound departure from MSP, watch for me waving at you from the lake below. I’m like that.)

– Matt bought a new car! We’re now a two-tiny-car household. His is faster than mine, but mine is named The Deuce.

– We were supposed to see Dillinger 4 and NOFX at the Cabooze, but that was cancelled and rescheduled for a time when it will be 1) indoors and 2) possibly without D4. My refund will be arriving shortly. We succeeded in seeing Frank Turner at the Varsity, and the show was amazing.

– I’m exactly halfway through Couch to 5k, and I’ve started to realize that means I can do it. I’m still constantly surprised by that for some reason.

– We’re camping at Itasca State Park next weekend, which is currently under EXTREME FIRE DANGER. That means no campfires. The actual statement issued by the DNR says that campfires are allowed in controlled circumstances, so I’m hoping that will be the case when we’re there. We can always use a grill and camp stove, but that’s less ideal and way less warm. If no fires are allowed, we’ll probably be spending some evenings in Park Rapids and Bemidji!

– We have a show at Triple Rock tomorrow night, and will probably spend the rest of the weekend in the southern suburbs at the corn maze (featuring Goat World) and the renaissance festival. I have a deep-seated loathing for the renfest, hearkening back to the days when I was part of the ‘Madrigal Dinner’ in middle school, and a fear that I will be kidnapped by a merry band of minstrels who refuse to deviate from their commitment to terrible British accents.  But it’s Oktoberfest, and Matt promises it’ll be entertaining. (Plus we have coupons.)





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