you always need one more day in vegas.

The most awesome thing I did in Las Vegas last weekend? Jump off the Stratosphere. It was amazing and I would love to do it again. (Note: 5 Hour Energy followed by massive quantities of adrenaline is a terrible idea.)

jumping off the stratosphere


The second most awesome thing I did was visit the Neon Boneyard. It’s a gated lot next to the property that will be the Neon Museum later this year, if all goes as planned. The lot is packed full of old signs from around the city. I took about 70 photos there, so I’m still working on processing them. You should definitely do both of these things next time you’re in Vegas.

neon boneyard


We did a bunch of gambling (and did surprisingly well at it), placed bets on Syracuse (me) and Kansas (Matt) in the NCAA tourney, got a lot of wandering in, watched Kevin Love win the 3-point competition at the same time the Gophers hockey team completed another sweep, and visited a new classic cocktail bar downtown, as well Jose Andres’ second restaurant, Jaleo. Also, Wendy and Amelia got engaged in front of the Las Vegas sign (and a crowd of onlookers, including a showgirl), so congratulations to them!

Since whatever time you spend in Vegas isn’t enough, we’re going to seriously consider going back this fall if Matt’s parents decide to go. (If not, I guess we can stick to our once-yearly pattern. SIGH.)

I had the very special joy of visiting new dentist last night. I’d been putting it off until my other doctor visits and testing were complete, because I can only deal with one medical item at a time.  The dentist, who was recommended by my coworker, was really great. My treatment plan is not; not only does he strongly recommend an implant instead of a bridge for my currently-missing tooth (which requires two surgeries, one for building up the bone and one for screwing it into my head), he said that my year-old crown is infected and needs to come out and also be replaced with an implant. So basically it’s a year-long process during which I’ll have not one but two missing teeth for a few months and owe something like $6,000.


I guess I should be done ranting about that now, because it’s just going to keep making me mad. At least they take American Express, so I’ll be well on my way to a second free plane ticket by the time this is all over with. (Three thousand for my MRI doesn’t hurt, either, but that’s way less painful since work reimburses it.)

I’ve worked from home twice this week (once because of a 1am flight, once due to weather). Tomorrow is our last day of bowling, and this weekend is the final series of the regular hockey season. If we sweep the Badgers (I don’t care how shitty they are this year, they’re the Badgers), you will find me out flipping and burning cars in Dinkytown. Why wait for our inevitable national championship, anyway?)

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