a momentary break from worrying about hockey

What happened with the Gophers this weekend? Oh right, they got a sweep.


We watched the Friday game at home, and went to Mariucci Saturday. My coworker was there (in Tubby Smith’s reserved seats, for reasons I’m still unclear about), and offered us the two we weren’t using. We had a great view, even though it was weird to sit at a hockey game. Apparently she didn’t believe we were that committed to the Gophers, but she definitely knows that now.

It was also the 10th anniversary celebration for the 2002 National Championship, so a lot of the old team members were there. The best part is that we can do the same thing again next season.

Other accomplishments this weekend: watching the Timberwolves also be awesome, visiting Chris and Meg to meet baby Henry and drop off his sweater, lots of exercise, and shopping for vacation clothes. Since we’re planning on fancy dress-up night for Matt’s birthday (we have reservations for Jaleo in the Cosmopolitan), we picked out our outfits and then ended up piling everything else up for the trip. Even though they’re totally unnecessary, I’m excited to test our new backpacks as carry-ons before we go to Europe.

Today I received word that my brain is totally normal. I assumed that I probably didn’t have any tumors hanging around in there, but it’s always good to have that confirmed. That means my tinnitus can carry on being annoying, but not caused by anything life-threatening. I’m ok with that.

We have very little going on this week before our trip: haircut, dance class, bowling. Boring is good this time of year!

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